Energy Efficiency

Strategic objectives:

  • Create a next-generation production platform through operational streamlining, modernisation and upgrading production with a focus on increasing energy efficiency.
  • Reduce production costs through energy conservation.
  • Create a corporate culture of innovation on energy conservation, and increase energy efficiency through involvement and engagement of all employees.

Employees have voluntarily committed to achieving these objectives through:

  • Reducing the Holding’s energy consumption by 2020 by 40% fr om the 2010 level.
  • Establishing, implementing and refining a Holding Energy Management System, with subsequent certification to ISO 50001:2011 standard.
  • Modernisation and technical upgrades, as well as systematic programme development and implementation to increase energy efficiency based on global best practice among aerospace manufacturers.
  • Compliance with reasonable energy consumption standards. Create a system of incentives and a corporate culture wh ereby personnel work to conserve electricity.
  • Compliance with legislative and other mandatory requirements for all types of energy by collecting and analysing information.
  • Optimising procurement of energy resources and services.
  • Making use of secondary energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by increasing energy efficiency and using renewable energy sources.
  • Information and educational activities as part of developing the Energy Management System.

Management has accepted responsibility for implementing the energy efficiency policy, including provision of informational and material resources.