Quality management system

Russian Helicopters uses a quality assurance system to help it achieve its goals. Through strategic decision-making and operational management, the system is used to take corrective and preventive action in the workplace.

Quality-assurance services oversee and ensure quality at the Holding’s production facilities, and are independent on issues of control and acceptance of goods.

Russian Helicopters’ Quality Coordination Committee provides recommendations on issues of quality. The committee includes representatives of the holding company, quality-assurance directors from all Holding production facilities and representatives of the Russian Defence Ministry’s Quality Control Agency.

Management company Russian Helicopters has established a Quality and Certification Department to deal with strategic and operational issues with respect to quality.

The Department Aims:

to make possible continuous improvements to the quality and reliability of helicopter technology, and to resolve routine issues of concern regarding quality.

Department Goals:

  1. Establishing and improving quality-assurance (QA) systems at the management company, production facilities and group-wide in accordance with the Holding’s development strategy.
  2. Upgrading technical quality-control systems and infrastructure at production facilities.
  3. Oversight of preventative and corrective action affecting product quality and customer satisfaction.
  4. Oversight of quality-related activities at production facilities and resolve routine issues of concern.

The Holding’s QA system comprises a group of independent QA systems at its production facilities (depending on the functions delegated by the chief executive’s office). These systems are certified in the Military Registry to Russian standard GOST RV 15.002–2003 (Product Development and Launch System, Military Technology, Quality Systems, General Requirements), which includes the requirements of GOST R ISO 9001 (Quality Management System, Requirements).

The Russian Helicopters Corporate QA System has been developed in accordance with the development strategy of Russian Helicopters Holding.

The QA system is currently being streamlined to bring each production facility into compliance with international aerospace engineering standards AS/EN 9100С (Quality Management Systems — Requirements for Aviation, Space and Defence Organisations). Several production facilities will undergo certification by international agencies. To facilitate this:

  • A QA system is being developed and implemented at Russian Helicopters.
  • QA systems at the Holding’s production facilities are being streamlined.

The corporate QA system currently being developed will bring together the QA systems of the management company and Holding enterprises with a single policy and set of objectives with regard to quality. Process-management procedures and part of the end-to-end (two-level) business processes common to all production facilities are concentrated at the management company; however, each facility owns its major production processes, which are partially integrated with each other.

Russian Helicopters believes that the presence of a QA system meeting the requirements of AS 9100/EN 9100 is essential for developers and manufacturers of helicopter equipment, components and materials. Certification must be provided by internationally recognised agencies.