12 Aircraft Repair Plant Service
12 Aircraft Repair Plant — repairs Мi-8/17, Мi-24, helicopters, their components and engines.

12 Aircraft Repair Plant (12 ARP) offers wholesale repair services to Mi-2, Mi-8/17, and Mi-24 helicopters and TVZ-117 engines.

12 ARP provides a range of modernisation and retooling services for helicopters. The plant also re-paints helicopters using polyurethane enamel and develops and applies company logos.

Boasting all the very latest technology and equipment, 12 ARP’s team of outstanding specialists are excellently placed to repair aircraft to very tight timeframes.

The plant has extensive experience of preparing production and carrying out repair work to helicopters, their engines and components.

With access to an aerodrome, and boasting its own railway lines, the plant is able to receive aircraft for repair and send completed products on to customers via air or rail.

12 ARP was founded in 1934, when the 60th Stationary Air Force Aviation Workshop was set up, specialising in aircraft and engine repairs.

It was renamed 12 ARP in 1959 and since the 1970s has built up particular expertise in technical maintenance and repair work to Mi- series helicopters.