150 Aircraft Repair Plant Service
150 Aircraft Repair Plant — repairs Mi8/17, Mi-24, Ка-27/28/29, Ка-32 helicopters, engines and components.

150 Aircraft Repair Plant (150 ARP) boasts full production capacity for the technical maintenance and repair of aircraft including Mi-8/17, Mi-24, Ka-27/28/29, and Ka-32 helicopters. It carries out repair and modernisation work to TVZ-117 engines (all modifications), main gearboxes VR-252, VSU AI-9/9V, as well as technical servicing and maintenance work.

The factory uses the latest approaches and technologies in its technical maintenance and repair work, making it possible to deliver an efficient re-tooling and wholesale aircraft repair service. 150 ARP offers design and technical support to Russian Helicopters’ design bureaux and series-production facilities, providing repair services to a wide range of helicopters, their components, systems, and engines. Repairs are carried out on the full range of weapons, tools, radio and electrical equipment.

150 ARP offers technical support to helicopters during their service guarantee period, throughout their re-tooling and modernisation, and in the fitting of additional equipment. In addition, 150 ARP can also repair helicopters on site at the customer’s convenience.

150 ARP’s history dates back to December 1954, with two repair facilities: 11th aircraft and 308th engine repair facilities located at the Seerapen North West Aviation Repair Workshop.