Aircraft Repair Plant No. 356 Service
Aircraft Repair Plant No. 356 (ARP 356) — provides repair and maintenance services for Mi-8/17 helicopters.

Aircraft Repair Plant No. 356 specialises in repairing all Mi-8/17-series helicopters, including the Mi-8MT, Mi-8MTV and Mi-8AMT.

ARP 356 has all necessary infrastructure and production capacities, information support and highly qualified staff. Its quality management system for aircraft repair and maintenance meets current Russian and international standards. The plant’s service quality has been acknowledged by many experienced and reputable organisations.

Founded in 1931, ARP 356 is one of Russia’s oldest aircraft repair enterprises in Russia. Since 1955, it has specialised in helicopter repair and maintenance development for Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant. The company constantly strives to improve the after-service reliability of aircraft.