Aircraft Repair Plant No. 419 Service
Aircraft Repair Plant No. 419 (ARP 419) —provides repair and maintenance services for Mi-8/17 series, Mi-24 and Ka-32 helicopters, as well as naval rotorcraft.

ARP 419 specialises in overhauling all Mi-8/17-series military-transport helicopters, Mi-24 combat helicopters, as well as Ka-27, Ka-28 and Ka-29 naval helicopters. It also repairs all Mi-8/17-series and Ka-32 commercial helicopters.

ARP 419 has strong technical capacities, modern equipment, high-precision machine tools and highly qualified staff. The company devotes particular attention to improving the technical quality of aircraft repairs by developing and implementing new technologies and through expanding its technical capabilities.

ARP 419 was founded in 1942. In 1977 the plant began repairing Mi-24s, and subsequently shifted completely to helicopter maintenance. It has overhauled more than 1,500 helicopters in total.