Aircraft Repair Plant No. 810 Service
Aircraft Repair Plant No. 810 (ARP 810) — provides repair and maintenance services for Mi-8/17 and Mi-24 helicopters.

ARP810 repairs and services all Mi-8/17-series naval and commercial helicopters, Mi-24 combat helicopters, as well as VR-14 and VR-24 main gearboxes.

ARP 810 can carry out work on up to three helicopters simultaneously, and has all the necessary equipment for repair work, diagnostics, testing and maintenance of helicopters.

The plant also makes use of specialized equipment of its own manufacture, and works on upgrades, technical re-equipping, designing and manufacturing non-standard equipment. ARP 810 performs full-service repair and maintenance, from dismantling helicopters to conducting flight tests, and meets strict compliance and technical standards at all stages of its work.

ARP 810 was founded in 1984 and is one of the leading aircraft repair enterprises in Eastern Russia.