General Information

The Mi-171A2 is an advanced medium multirole helicopter that combines the distinguished operational history of the Mi-8/17 series with the latest technology to deliver outstanding levels of reliability, safety and comfort. 

This helicopter has been created in close collaboration with helicopter operators, and sets new standards for medium-class helicopters. The Mi-171A2 is highly versatile and provides an assurance that the mission will be successful in any conditions.

The medium multirole Mi-171A2 is an accomplished classic.

Key points:

  • High performance characteristics
  • Capable of flying a wide range of missions
  • Next-generation equipment and systems
  • High levels of safety
  • IACAR certification
  • Advanced operational and service systems
  • Lower cost per flight hour
  • Embodies the finest qualities of the Mi-8/17 series

The Mi-171A2 includes:

  • Powerful propulsion systems
  • Upgraded main rotor and gear systems
  • Upgraded fuselage
  • Broad range of specialised equipment
  • Integrated flying systems, glass cockpit
  • Advanced avionics
  • New levels of safety and comfort
Flight tests of the first prototype of the Mi-171A2 was launched in November 2014.

Performance characteristics
Max. speed
280 km/h
Cruise speed
260 km/h
Max. flight range with main fuel tanks
800 km
Operational ceiling
6,000 m
Hover ceiling (OGE)
4000 m


Max. take-off weight
13,000 kg
With underslung load
13,500 kg
Maximum payload:
In transport cabin
On external sling

4,000 kg
5,000 kg
Turboshaft engines
Take-off power
2,400 hp
Contingency power
2,700 hp
Cabin dimensions
6.36 m
2.34 m
1.8 m
23 m3


Air crew
1-2 people
Service passengers
24 people
Operational temperature range:
-50 /+50°С
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