Operation & Technical Support

HSC proposes the following forms of operation & technical support:

Fleet Management

Helicopter Fleet Managment includes:

  • Configuration management;
  • Providing information about the installed units;
  • Failure reports and claimes;
  • Managing flight hours;

The service is provided in Customer Portal.

Technical Support
  • Operation and Maintenance Support
  • On-site Technical Support
  • Helicopter pre-purchase inspection
  • Airworthiness support On-line log book

HSC provides training for flight and maintenance personnel in centers located in Moscow, Ulan-Ude, Kazan, Tyumen, Kumertau, Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk, which are equipped with advance training equipment for all types of helicopters. The sessions are held by highly- qualified specialists in a range of languages.

The programs have been tailor made to train and retrain technical personnel including, repair, metrology, tuning and calibration specialists (we offer more than 70 training programs). Specialists receive the relevant certification upon completion of the course.

During the training program, technical maintenance staff will be given all the necessary skills to service and completely overhaul a helicopter, including its internal systems and components. Personnel will also be trained in the use of specialist calibration, diagnostic and tuning tools.A typical training program comprises:

  • Theory lessons in one of our specialized centers
  • Practical lessons under real conditions
  • Certification
  • Advanced training.

In 2012, HSC and NARP jointly opened a repair specialist training center in Novosibirsk to meet the growing demand from our clients for qualified technical maintenance staff. The center has been endorsed by the Russian aviation authorities and has already started training foreign specialists. The NARP center distinguishes itself by offering courses in various languages depending on your needs.

Technical Publications

HSC supplies the following documentation for Russian-made helicopters, power plants and main gearboxes:

  • Flight manuals;
  • Maintenance regulations;
  • Maintenance manuals;
  • Part and component catalogs;
  • Installation and wiring diagrams, loading and centering manuals etc.


  • Operating and technical documentation for the Rolls- Royce Model 250 power plant in Russian and English.

To reduce delivery times, HSC offers on-site specialist call outs for document reconciliation services. HSC can also supply repair manuals for aircraft repair and servicing facilities. Additionally our website with current technical documentation is available for the customer. Customer Portal contains the following types of documentation:

  • Bulletins
  • Catalogue of parts and assemblies (CP)
  • Maintenance schedule (MS)
  • Flight manual (FM)
  • Technical manual (TM)
MRO and training centre services
  • MRO centres creation and modification consulting
  • Certification of MRO centres
  • Support to design and build Training classrooms for flight and technical crew training
Power-by-the-Hour support
Power-by-the-Hour support